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Refill - Reuse - Rehydrate

We love pure water as much as we love clean oceans

Do you have only one purpose in life? We bet you don’t. We at Aguavida have multiple ones as well! We want to diminish plastic consumption and our environmental footprint. We put all our efforts into keeping people hydrated with the best water as we strive to reinvent the bulk water business. Because our learning process never stops, we have a short-term goal to help communities without access to clean water

Our Top Mission

We love pure water as much as we love clean oceans, that´s why we at Aguavida Premium Water strive to treat and bring the best water to our customers in the way that is also best for the environment . Our mission is to provide premium and alkaline water with a hint of minerals at a reasonable price, with eco – friendly solutions using local production and local distribution.




Why we do, what we do

Our Commitments

What's in your tap water

Our mission is to treat it!

In the U.S. alone, over 80,000 different synthetic chemicals are used by consumers and industries daily. Only about 91 of these 80,000 chemicals are being tested for in our water systems, ( the water act). Our mission is to remove all the substances present in municipal water using  state of the art water treatment technology, offering an incomparable and ultra pure water to our customers.

The Earth's Oceans Are Drowning in Plastic

Our mission is to diminish it!

We know how to pick up trash, we know how to recycle, but Only 1 in 5 plastic bottles are recycled, that means that 38 billion water bottles are wasted each year. Shocking right?, Our purpose is to reduce plastic consumption by reusing and refilling, 1 Aguavida water vending machine can refill 3,300,000 bottles of 16OZ, using 0 plastic bottles!  Also our delivery service uses 3 and 5 gallon Glass and PET bottles that are reusable, no single use containers here! 

We are chronically dehydrated

Our mission is to Re-hydrated you!

Do you know that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated? Dehydration is one of the most common preventable medical conditions in the world, and it affects millions. Dehydration causes fatigue, irritability, affects your metabolism and decreases your energy levels. At the end we are 70% water right?. Our mission is to keep you hydrated with the best water and reach locations without access to clean water with our water vending machines. We promise you we won’t keep you thirsty!

We are water and we love to flow like it! but more importantly we make it flow for you. We are deeply submerge in the water world, we love it , we enjoy it and we strive to serve the best water with the best technology .We promise you that an automatic machine won’t answer your calls, we love our customers, we know their stories and why they need to be hydrated.

Andrea ArdilaCEO
We belive in Local businesses and those that are making a difference

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We are a highly and uniquely qualify team of engineers, technicians and designers, who brings engineering and product development for a blue planet.